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Portable Travel Iron 🔥

Portable Travel Iron 🔥

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Portable and lightweight

Animated GIFThe mini handheld iron is small, very space-saving, and can be carried around. Great for travel and vacation use. Fits easily in a suitcase or travel bag.

Two-in-one function

Support dry and wet two-in-one ironing. In the case of the traditional water mist damp iron, the titanium alloy panel can also be used for drying to meet the different needs of different clothing materials.

Multifunctional iron

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High-temperature water vapor can dissolve oil stains quickly and effectively and be wiped clean after spraying with high-temperature water vapor. The effect is remarkable.

Product description

Product Dimensions: 180 x 62 x 84mm(7.1x2.4x3.3)
Dimensions: Mini
With Power Cord or Cordless: Cord
Product Net Weight: Approx. 345g (0.75 lbs)
Rated Power: 50W
Rated Voltage: 100V-240V
Rated Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
water tank capacity: 50ml
Material: PC, PBT, titanium, aluminum alloy, silicone
Accessories: dry ironing machine, silicone anti-scalding pad, power cord, filling cup, instruction manual.

☛ Water droplets in the water tank are standard because we will check each machine's quality.
☛ The silicone insulation pad needs to be removed when used. Measuring the red light on the fuselage means the machine is complete and ready to use.
☛ The silicone anti-scalding pad is where the device is used (please note that the device needs to be placed on the side). After the panel has cooled, cover it with a silicone pad to protect the board from scratches and dust.

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