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"Entertaining toy. It needs some practice to get familiar with the controls. Once you have learned the tricks, it's enjoyable! My son can't put it down." 

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Yes, we went pretty viral...

Endless flight and hours of fun!

The days of controlling your drone with a remote control are over! Introducing the revolutionary, gesture controlled drone. The HandDrone™ is a beginner friendly and fun to fly drone that is completely controlled with just your hand. 

Why everyone needs the HandDrone™ 

Perfect for kids and adults, the HandDrone™ can be flown at a park, in your living room and even in your bedroom. It’s loads of fun and the perfect gift for friends and family.

In depth guide:

  • To Launch: Press the button on the watch sensor or throw HandDrone™ into the air. 
  • To Operate: Controlling the HandDrone™ is as easy as moving your hand back and forth or left and right.
  • To stabilize: Always keep your palm faced down in a neutral position (this helps the drone stabilize and float).
  • To fly forward: Point your fingers downwards and hold.
  • To fly backward: Raise your fingers up (like your telling someone to stop) and hold.
  • To fly left: Turn your palm towards the left side (your thumb should almost be pointing down).
  • To fly right: Turn your palm towards the right making sure the palm never flips over.
  • To fly up: Hold the button on the watch sensor finger as you raise your hand higher.
  • To fly down: Hold the button on the watch sensor finger as you drop your hand lower.
  • To rotate: Press and hold the button on the watch sensor finger and turn your hand to the right or left.
  • To do a flip: Press the button on the watch sensor finger once and raise your hand (palm faced down) up.
  • To land: Simply press the power button once or hold down on the power button until the drone shuts off.

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